(A limited selection of containers 23 cm/ 9” and 30 cm/ 12” high will be provided for cut flowers on the day of the Show)

20. Pot plant, flowering, maximum pot size 20 cm/ 8"
21. Pot plant, foliage, maximum pot size 20 cm/ 8"
22. Pot plant, succulent, maximum pot size 20 cm/ 8"
23. Pot grown fuchsia
24. Container of mixed hardy perennials, six stems
25. Container of mixed flowers, six stems
26. The most perfumed rose, one stem
27. One spray of roses
28. One specimen rose
29. Container of decorative dahlias, three stems
30. Container of cactus dahlias, three stems
31. Container of any variety of dahlia excluding decorative or cactus, three stems
32. One dahlia bloom, any variety
33. Container of any variety of chrysanthemum, three stems
34. Three sprays of rose hips
35. Five sprays of foliage, one or more varieties
36. Bunch of mixed herbs displayed in a jam jar, maximum five varieties
37. A single flower button hole with or without foliage

((Space allowed: 60 cm/ 2 ft wide, 60 cm/ 2 ft deep, no height restriction)

38. ‘Orange Sunset’. Arrangement of orange flowers with any colour foliage
39. ‘Autumn Basket’. Arrangement in a basket
40. ‘Gone to Seed’. Arrangement of ornamental grasses and seed heads.